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Ed Akehurst at waterfalls on MauiFrom the desk of Ed Akehurst:

I’m going to spare you the sales pitch on cryptocurrencies. I’m sure you’re already aware that there are people making huge returns everyday by investing and trading various crypto coins. I’m one of them, myself.

Isn’t it time someone figured out a way to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies, without having to spend all day and night researching… without having to take expensive, confusing classes on reading charts and waves… and without the not-so-hidden agendas built into the “reports” from many cryptocoin “investment advisors”? (Those “advisors” are called Signal Sellers, by the way — more on them later)

That better way exists. I’ll tell you about it in just a moment, but first…

I know you. I bet I know you very well.

You know how overwhelming the crypto world can be. New coins appear almost every day, volatility can run amok. You know the profits are in the volatility… but that’s also where big losses can occur. It’s tough enough to figure out what you want to invest in, it’s even tougher to figure out WHEN.

If you’re like most people, you start diving into all the reports, trends, and charts you can find, if you can even read them They’re a science of their own — you can find. The problem is, once your head stops spinning and you get past your analysis paralysis, the information is already out of date.

So you start trying to read faster and spend more time. Pretty soon, research has consumed your life and you’re ready to pack it in. Or, you just give up looking for opportunities and go with the easy investment in a single cryptocoin, losing the advantages that diversification gives.

I know this, because that was me.

I used to feel overwhelmed, confused, and lacking direction when I started investing in crypto. Some people love spending 10 hours a day researching and watching charts on 6 monitors at the same time. Others love listening to 14 different investment opinions and picking one to hop on. That’s not me.

But I figured, I have to put the research in, I have to pour through the endless websites and advice columns just like everyone else. I plodded along, sometimes making a good profit, but most of the time just wobbled around.

I always felt like I was missing some secret edge other investors had. And nobody was sharing it with me. I’d basically resigned myself to being a small time investor.

I remember the day when the light bulb turned on.

It was one of those days that I bet you’ve had as well. You do a bunch of mind-numbing research, then you make a few investments in trades. Maybe you make a small profit (I didn’t), but it isn’t enough to even come close to paying for the time you spent.

As I popped a few aspirin for my headache and looked in the mirror at myself, I thought, “Self, what are you missing here? Why are you not making a bigger profit? You’re absorbing all the same information as everyone else, as fast as you can, right?”

That’s when it hit me. I knew exactly what I was doing wrong.

I was taking in too much information.

Sure, I was getting a lot of good information. But I was also getting a lot of bad information — agenda-driven pump & dump nonsense, rumors, innuendo… And I was having to sift through all of it to separate the wheat from the chaff.

I started thinking about how to sift through the sea of information BEFORE I had to read it. I only wanted to read the relevant, important, non-biased information that I could profit from.

But how could I tell WHAT to read… BEFORE reading it?

That’s when I started thinking about what information could actually effect the value of cryptocurrency. Could the mere fact that there was a news report about a particular cryptocoin influence whether or not I should invest in it?

I took some time away from investing and started doing targeted research into finding trends between news reports and cryptocoin values. That’s when something interesting jumped out at me.

I discovered there were CERTAIN TYPES of news reports that had a consistent effect on the value of the cryptocurrency being reported on.

Note that I said “certain types” of reports. I’m not talking about all news reports.

And I’m certainly not talking about agenda-driven signal sellers. Remember I mentioned them earlier? These are people who sell investment advice based on what THEY THEMSELVES invested in. In other words, they bought low, then they want YOU to buy in as well. What happens when a bunch of people buy? That’s right, the value rises. The advisor then cashes out their profits and moves on to the next “hot” currency. Who’s left holding the bag?

No, I’m talking about a certain type of real news report. I was seeing a consistent trend. So I put my money where my mouth was and started investing based on just the certain news reports I’d see each day. Something startling happened…

My success rate skyrocketed, while the time I spent researching plummeted.

I was finally making some headway, so much that I actually hired someone to do the research for me. Great way to open up even more time, right?

That’s not to say every single trade I made this way was a success. There are no guarantees in life. However, my new research method made an noticeably positive effect on my cryptocurrency investing success.

And it’s continued to this day. Take a look at our results over the last year (keeping in mind past performance is no guarantee of future results):

To take a look at the spreadsheets discussed in the video above, click here (this page will not close).

Over 78% of our highlighted coins became profitable within 72 hours!

In trend trading, when the news goes viral, the anticipation is that the coins will go up. A recent audit showed over 78% of the time, that was indeed the case.

So how can you get your hands on this type of research?

Of course you knew I was leading into this. You’re smart enough, you know this is a sales page, and, well, you probably read the headline.

This research started turning over so many cryptocurrency investment options each day, I could never take advantage of them all.

So I’ve put together the Best Cryptocurrencies Daily Membership.

As a charter subscriber, you get access to the same research results I get each day from my staff. They look at the top 75 coins based on market cap, searching for the specific type of news reports that I’ve identified as being important.

You get those results, so you can compress your research time by concentrating on specifics. You can then strike while the iron is hot.

Now I know what you may be thinking…

What’s the difference between Best Cryptocurrencies and signal sellers?

Well, the simple difference is that signal sellers invest first, then publicize. I don’t do that.

I don’t an agenda that drives what news is available to you each day, other than identifying the important reports that fit my criteria. I don’t play favorites.

Plus, you and I get access to the information at the same time. My own investments have nothing to do with what information you get. I’m going to use the information in my way, you can use it in yours. But we’re on even ground here. I make my investment decisions AFTER the information is published, just like you.

In fact, I think it’s important here to tell you exactly…

What Best Cryptocurrencies is NOT:

  • This is not investment advice. My researchers have a list of criteria for sifting through news reports. They assemble each day’s information release with no interference or guidance by me.
  • This is not a get rich quick scam. The crypto world is littered with hucksters promising overnight riches. No. Not here. We do not guarantee you will make successful trades. We simply give you the research and you analyze it in your own way.
  • This is not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) program. I’m not a fan of the various crypto MLMs that are sprouting up left and right. I haven’t seen one that I think would be truly beneficial. Full disclosure, Best Cryptocurrencies does have an affiliate program. If you refer a friend who becomes a member, you can get a small commission. That’s it, a simple single level commission as a thank you, not MLM, and participation is voluntary.
  • This is not a pump ‘n dump scheme. As I said above, this isn’t me investing in some obscure cryptocoin, then telling you to BUY BUY BUY so my stake will increase at your expense. I make my own investment decisions based on the information AFTER it’s published. And my own decisions will likely be different than yours.

What Best Cryptocurrencies IS is simply sharing the results of my research methodology, because there’s more than enough information and opportunities to go around.

Here’s what you get each day with your Best Cryptocurrencies membership:

  • A daily spreadsheet showing the coins that were considered. The newsworthy coins are highlighted.
  • A PDF document with links to the news articles cited.
  • Access to our constantly updated resources library, where I’ve curated valuable videos, articles, groups, and channels to help you start, grow, and succeed. The rare times when I can’t find something I think you need, I have it created.
  • Your questions answered. If you have trouble, ask us for help. My staff can address your questions and walk you through your issues. If they can’t help you, I’ll help you find someone who can.

Best Cryptocurrencies cuts through the noise to give you pinpointed, credible, non-agenda information each day, so you can spend your valuable time wisely.

No special software is needed, you can view everything from within your members dashboard.

Best of all, Everything is in layman’s terms and simple to understand. You don’t need to be a cryptogenius who’s mastered chart analysis.

We also PROTECT you.

It’s estimated that as many as 75% of the companies in the cryptocurrency world make bogus, fantasy-based claims that they cannot possibly fulfill. They back these up with “testimonials” from people who look honest in their photos… but may not even actually exist.

How do you separate the few grains of wheat from this field full of chaff?

Best Cryptocurrencies is on the case!

We are more than just the results of our research. We have also taken an active role in protecting you from the many scams and shams that litter the cryptocurrency world. This an industry-first consumer protection step that nobody else is taking.

We work directly with longtime consumer advocate Doug Johnson to help steer you clear of the unscrupulous companies that make promises they cannot keep. Doug is applying his decades-long investigative journalism background in the consumer debt relief industry to the cryptocurrency world, exclusively for Best Cryptocurrencies.

Doug is like a honey badger when it comes to investigating cryptocurrency offers. First, he does a complete review of their online “real estate,” including websites, audios, and videos.

Next, Doug contacts and interviews the people behind the offer. As a professional consumer advocate, Doug knows how to dig in with companies and get to the results that can truly be confirmed in writing. He gives them the choice of talking to him… or talking to regulators, a choice that Doug can back up.

Doug’s extensive background checks are somewhat legendary — he isn’t afraid to speak to neighbors and family members, if he has to. Of course, in-depth research of BBB ratings and Internet-based reviews are done, searching out consumer complaints and legitimate feedback.

Doug will even buy the product, if necessary, to fully review it and test the company’s customer support lines.

But the single biggest weapon in Doug’s arsenal is his long-standing relationship with governmental regulatory agencies. His agency contacts know and trust him. This gets Doug the information that nobody else is privy to.

All of this intensive digging can take months and can make the investigator a target for heat from companies who don’t want the true story to get out… But the results are handed to you on a silver platter.

Companies that pass Doug’s muster are highlighted in our member’s area, with a full report including screenshots, walkthrough video, and more.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) states:

“Advertising must tell the truth and not mislead consumers. In addition, claims must be substantiated.”

“Testimonials and endorsements can’t be used to make a claim that the advertiser itself cannot substantiate.”

“If your ad uses phrases like ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ or ‘money-back guarantee,’ you must be willing to give full refunds for any reason. You also must tell the consumer the terms of the offer.”

Doug Johnson and Best Cryptocurrencies are working together to hold companies to those sensible standards. We highlight the honest companies and offers, so you can skip the rest. We know that consumer advocacy in cryptocurrency products and services is vital — your life savings could be at stake.

You can’t get this information from any other source. Only Best Cryptocurrencies saves you time, money, and heartache with our unique consumer advocacy program. So you can spend your time making trades, rather than worrying if you’re going to get scammed.

Trades that increased, had an average increase of 12% in 72 hours or less.

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As a Charter Member of Best Cryptocurrencies, you’re going to get the lowest subscription rate that I’ll ever put out there. And you’ll be grandfathered at that rate for as long as you stay a member.

And the subscription rate will definitely go up. As I mentioned above, we currently look at the top 75 coins based on market cap. I’m adding new researchers, with my ultimate goal to cover the top 300 coins.

You’ll benefit from the increased coverage at a subscription rate that nobody else will get.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

As I noted above, because you’re going to analyze and use the daily information in your own way, I obviously cannot guarantee that you will make successful investments. However, if you don’t agree that Best Cryptocurrencies saves considerable time and effort, while helping prevent info overload headaches, contact my support team at any time and we’ll cancel your subscription. You’ll never be rebilled.

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The cryptocurrency world is not a simple thing to jump into. It can cause fear, intimidation, confusion, and overwhelm that I’m sure you must have felt, or are even feeling right now.

You deserve to have fewer worries, more free time, and a greater chance of profiting from your work.

I’m looking forward to helping you with that.


Ed Akehurst

P.S. Don’t forget, this is a charter membership deal. I reserve the right to raise the price at any time, without prior announcement. So join now.