On this page, you will find average totals showing results from our trend trading Daily Reports, and links to more detailed data of each week’s trend trading, based on the Daily Reports. All data is based on 24 hour, 48 hour, and 72 hour trades. Trend trading is not designed to go longer than 72 hours, but of course if a crypto asset did not profit during that time frame, it can be sold or held.

Click here to see detailed weekly data from 2017.

Click here to see detailed weekly data from 2018.

NOTE: We do not give financial advice, and we always recommend you do your own due diligence. Please also understand that even though our averages have to-date been quite positive (literally), this is no guarantee that it will always be so in the future.

Feel free to check back frequently, to see how results are continuing to perform on a recent basis.


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